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Rising Synergy Sdn Bhd (RSSB) formally known as Rising Broadway Sdn Bhd is a new emerging company with main business involving business coaching, mentoring, training, consultancy, ICT and general trading activities. In the area of business coaching and training activities, RSSB strives to help small and medium enterprise (SMEs) to start and grow their businesses. At RSSB business centre, SMEs clients are coached, mentored and trained on how to prepare bankable business plans, how to apply government or private sectors financial assistance, how to prepare strategic marketing plans and most importantly being guided with market linkages. At the same time, the SMEs clients are being handhold with expert?s advisory from RSSB panel of coaches and business consultants of various expertise. RSSB has a vision to become the best and most effective business partner to start-up companies and SMEs. With regards to the trading activity, RSSB has extensive and reputable networking with numbers of friendly vendor or supplier. These vendors or supplier are capable of supplying and helping RSSB customers with best machineries or equipment at competitive price. Most importantly, the after sales support and services are RSSB key promise that RSSB undertake to deliver. RSSB has secured trading license from Ministry of Financial (MOF) that consist of 22 supply areas and the numbers are keep on increasing with time as RSSB building up the experience and expertise. RSSB has a strong believe business always begins by understanding the customer?s wants and expectations. In both core activities, RSSB undertakes to deliver the required services with highest quality and satisfaction.
Company Type : Private Limited (Sendirian Berhad)
Business Type : Trader
Contact Person : Yaseer Dasuki
Tel : 0320969349
Fax : 0320969349
Email : Contact Seller
URL : www.risingsynergy.com
Address : No 23-1, Jalan PUJ 3/9 Puncak Jalil
Postal Code : 43300
City : Seri Kembangan
State : Selangor
Country : MALAYSIA
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