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Hypercom NAC 7800
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Key Features
  • Fault tolerant multi-function architecture
  • Multi-protocol POS dial support for up to eight concurrent access lines
  • Chassis interconnect to form small and mid-size networks
  • Provides protocol prioritization, congestion control, dynamic rate change bandwidth adjustment concentration and protocol conversion
  • Support RS-485 connection to Hypercom POSLANterminals
  • Connect dial, leased analog and digital lines•Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
Product Data            
The NAC 7800 chassis is a branch or regional concentrator chassis providing support for eight port processors. The eight-slot chassis is capable of running multiple Hypercom port processors. The chassis employs a passive back-plane which does not interfere with application operation. Dual, hot-swappablepower supplies are incorporated in the larger capacity chassis, ensuring thatmission-critical services are always sustained.
Reliability Built In
  • Part of a long-lasting, world renown family of Hypercom network products
  • Built on a framework that relies on standards and industry experience
  • Chassis can be used separately or combined to scale to any network requirement
  • Utilizes a unique internal transport mechanism and encryption technology, which has the ability to transport data in its native mode, saving bandwidth and providing secure transmission for transactions.
Flexible - Development and Growth
  • Allows users to start small and expand their framework as new requirements develop
  • Provides freedom to implement more cost-effective services, to continuously integrate newer applications and to tailor a complete network solution that extends existing investments
  • Supports data and POS
  • Port processors individually operate specified applications without diversion or interruption from other applications in the chassis
  • Interchangeable port processors allow everything to be changed, without changing anything. New services can be added or existing ones upgraded with dedicated port processors without time-consuming network redesigns or forklift upgrades
  • Allows offices to centralize or compartmentalize traffic from a combination of WANs, including Frame Relay and IP.
Powerful Network Management
  • HypercomView, Hypercom’s network management system, delivers all of the tools needed to keep POSnetworks running smoothly
  • Client/server architecture provided comprehensive activity and performance statistics, alerts and alarms, and remote downloads and upgrades
  • Sets new standards in GUI-based management for detail, simplicity and speed.
Chassis • 8 slots for plug-in, hot-swappable port processor modules

• Bus: high-speed parallel packet bus, serial packet bus, PCM highway
• Modem:V.21 Bell 103/212A, Autodial 300/1200/ 2400 async &SDLC, V.22, V.22bis, V.29 Hypercom FastPOS®, V.32, V.32bis; (optional) V.34, V.90
• POS Dial ports: Visa I/II, Apex, SDLC, HDLC, async
• Concentrator ports: Ethernet 10Base-T(10 Mbps), RS-232, V.35 (up to 2 Mbps), RS-485

Protocols • End-user: TCP/IP, SNA/SDLC LU.0 & LU.2, Bisync 3270 & 3780, Burroughs Poll/Select, IP, X.25
• WAN: IP, Frame Relay, X.25, HDLC
• WAN backup: V.32, V.32bis; (optional) V.34, V.90
Power • AC:115-230 V, 4.0/2.0 A, 50/60 Hz
• Optional: 48 VDC
Footprint • 19.0 in x 13.0 in x 5.3 in
• 48.3 cm x 33.0 cm x 13.5 cm
Weight • 27.8 lbs/12.6 kg
Environment • Temperature: 0-40°C/32-104°F
• Humidity: 25% to 95%, non-condensing
• Heat Dissipation: 450 BTU/hr
Certifications •FCCPart 15, UL(USA), UCL(Canada), CB&CE
Whether you're looking for a reliable payment terminal, innovative, value-add technology, or a complete electronic transaction management system, Hypercom can deliver. Our product portfolio ranges from basic credit authorization to full transaction transport and more. Hypercom is more than a one-stop shop for payment terminals, it's a provider of complete, end-to-end transaction solutions that expand the possibilities at the POS in ways that translate to greater profits.
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