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Fee Structure
(Valid Thru 31 Dec 2012)
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Annual Subscription Fee WAIVED RM360.00
One-time Set up Fee RM399.00 RM399.00 RM399.00 RM399.00 RM399.00
Merchant Discount Rate (Transaction Fee) 3.0 % 2.5 % 3.0 % 2.5 % 2.5 %
iPhone iMag Reader N/A N/A
Total First Year Investment RM399.00 RM759.00
Online Company Profile
Unlimited Product Catalog
Mobile Website
Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment
Shopping Cart Tools
Mobile Commerce
PayPal - Merchant Service
MPAY - Merchant Service
PBB/EON Bank Internet Merchant Service Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
RHBBank FPX Internet Banking Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
* For enhanced security and fraud prevention, Mobile POS (MPAY ECPOS LITE) solution must work with iPhone IMag Magnetic Card Stripe reader, to capture credit card number and expiry date during payment process, manual data entry for card number and expiry date is not allowed.
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  Agriculture   Antiques & Collectibles   Art
  Automobiles   Baby Products   Beauty Care
  Books   Business Services   Chemicals
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  Electricals & Electronics   Energy   Fashion
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  Home & Garden   Home Appliances   ICT Solutions & Services
  Jewellery & Watches   Machinery   Malaysia Craft
  Maritime   Musical Instruments   Packaging & Storage
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Sdn Bhd / Berhad
  • Form 24
  • Form 49
  • Form 9 or 13
  • Memorandum & Article (M & A)
  • Photocopy IC of an authorized signatory
  • Latest 3 months Bank Statements
  • Other Operating License (eg. Travel Agenncy/Direct Selling. etc)
  • Photograph of Business Outlet
Sole Proprietor / Partnership
  • Business Registration (form/AB)
  • Form D
  • Latest 3 months Bank Statements
  • Photocopy IC of an authorized signatory
  • Photograph of Business Outlet
  • Other Operating License (eg. Travel Agenncy/Direct Selling. etc)
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